Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Apple has me under their finger once again...

To make my life easier in sharing photos and information with the world, I have been roped back into a mobile me account with apple. Thank goodness for 60 day trial periods! It will give me time to earn the money to pay for a year subscription.

the email address I will be using for all things wedding is:

In the future, i will most likely keep the account, but I will just use it for business/professional/bill paying type things. If you want to email me you can still use my gmail account.


I'm still working at Barnes & Noble, and looking for a new job. Jayson is still working a lot at the hospital, and we are still searching for a house to move into in October.

We did have the pleasure of hanging out with some of Jayson's best friends on Sunday and Monday. Jayson's best friend, Nick, was in town with the band he works with. We went to the House of Blues in a big group, but for Jayson the joy was definitely in getting to hang out with good friends (I really liked it too).

Here's to a happy week for everyone, and I hope everyone makes it to the theater to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Back in Action

I might be completely exhausted... I haven't decided yet. For the month of June, I had no where to live; so I traveled to: New York, Dallas, and Little Rock/Cabot! I have been back a week and a half; but I have had so much to do, I feel like it's been a month!

The wedding is falling together nicely. It is now down to all the details that I don't care about. So now it's just making sure everything gets done. The guest list as always is a pain in the butt; but hopefully, it will be done soon, since the invites are to be mailed at the end of the month.

I am ready to have the wedding over and be on my honeymoon with my husband. Then, be at home with my husband. We went searching for houses today, and found one we really like. I am calling the rental place tomorrow to ask details. Please be praying that the house stuff falls together nicely because we don't need another headache.

Barnes & Noble has been great because I've been getting more hours, but that still puts me just barely above the poverty line. What I really need right now is a new job! I apply to an average of one a week, and over the past 4 months have heard back from only one person (to tell me there are no positions).

I am learning to tighten my belt more; but especially with the wedding, any financial help is needed/a blessing.

One big blessing in my life is the new house I moved into. The girls are wonderful, and it's a peaceful house. I have room for groceries! I haven't had cable, and it hasn't been that bad ( live has saved me).

Jayson is still working a whole lot of hours every week. We still party though. Nick Fishbaugh is coming in town next week (Jayson's best friend and first love); so we are both really excited to see him.

All in all... it's just good to be home.