Thursday, October 16, 2014

Here, there, and everywhere

John Lennon sang "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." Well, John was a wise man and we have been so busy making London plans and living life that we have neglected this blog. Please please us and accept our deepest apologizes.

By the way, this is Jayson, I will be guest blogging this week. If you haven't guessed from the subtle Beatle hints, to prep for our London holiday we are watching a Beatles flick this week. Before just shouting out the Rotten Tomatoes 99% rating Beatles film we will be watching, I wanted to enlighten you on how we will celebrate the Beatles while in London.

First off, Sarah and I will be getting mop top hair cuts and plan on being knighted once our feet touch British soil. After that Richard Porter, owner of the Beatles coffee shop,  will lead us on a London Walk called "In My Life Walk". Check out some of the details of the walk here --> Beatles "In My Life Walk"

Although there are so many people, books, and websites that documented each step, thought, and restroom break from each Beatle... We don't have enough bloody time for that. As long as we see Abbey Road studios, walk across the zebra crossing, and record a song to tape in Studio Two we will be fine. Enough about us, tell us about you. If you have any Beatles in London sights, stories, or suggestions let us know.

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