Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jayson turned 28!

Jayson's officially 28, and I am officially moving out of my house. Lucky for him those both come in the same week. Jayson and I have now spent 2 birthdays each with each other... it shows that you are always learning a person. I am still trying to figure out just what he wants to do for his birthdays.

I think this year was pretty good. I did a lead up to his birthday. On the first day I gave him a card and candy. On the second day he opened Across the Universe special double edition. The third day made him a proud owner of a RENT on Broadway DVD, and the fourth day (a.k.a. Birthday Eve) he opened Happy Go Lucky which he has been wanting to see/most likely own. For Jayson's actual birthday I finally framed the picture I drew of Elliott Smith for him last year for his birthday! I think that was probably the best surprise for him because that's just been sitting in my room for a year.

Like I said before, I am officially moving now. We have moved two loads to Jayson's house (now almost all of my books are over there... i think i have one more box). Really what's left is going through all the nick-nacks I have and trying to throw some away/find a proper way to pack and store what I do have.

Wedding stuff is going really smooth. I don't spend time worrying over it because I have so many other more important things to worry over. The whole process of moving out of a house (with 4 other girls) is stressful enough as it is.

On happy notes:
My dress that was supposed to take 4 months to come in, took 5 days. It's ready for pick up!

I looked at the Haverly's backyard, and it's PERFECT for a ceremony!

I called and confirmed that we want to rent Mainstay Farm on October 10th for our reception!

Life is good; and it will be better onced I'm moved, in NYC visiting for 9 days, find a job (in DFW, not NYC), and Conan is back on TV.

rock around the clock,

Thursday, May 14, 2009

ideas, ideas, ideas

There are so many ideas, suggestions, opinions and visions roaming around my little wedding world that I must have hit my head at least a dozen times. Colors, location, time, atmosphere are all thrown at me and land in a pile at my feet. I'm slowly sifting through, and it's not always the magic girls are lead to believe.

Here's hope though: Jayson and I are slowly making decisions. I ordered my wedding dress (it's just 4 months away and THEN i have to get it altered), we looked at venues, and we've even come made an outline of how we want the wedding to be laid out (small, intimate ceremony and big reception bash).

I am super happy at this moment that I've no interest in one of those huge elaborate weddings. Life is tough enough as it is. Speaking of.... any one have a job offer for me?


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Big day tomorrow!

Life has been crazy hectic! I've been finishing up exams, and Jayson's been doing his rock star/hospital worker bit. Tomorrow we head out to Mainstay Farm to take a look. Big decisions to come.

On an important note: we both really liked Wolverine and super duper loved Star Trek!

Also we both have a very strong love for bands out of Portland. Here are a few to give a listen to:

Blind Pilot


The Decemberists

Thats all for now, folks!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Waiting Game

Nothing super exciting is happening right now in the whole wedding planning process. Everything is on hold until May 11th, when we go check out Mainstay Farm.

The more we go into the whole process, the more we are more set on having something calm and casual. I just see other brides (in real life and on tv) freak out because they want a perfect day, and I just want to get married and listen to music with my friends.... and wear a pretty dress while i'm doing it.

School is wrapping up and the job search is on.

Moving out at the end of the month... no where to live for a month so I am traveling around. Let me know if you want me to sleep on your couch!

Friday, May 1, 2009

VM i received from my future husband:

"[singing] Baby, baby this is Jayson Hampton....[stop singing] i just messed up saying my last name..[end of message]"


Everything is going smoothly. I think the main goal is just to not take too much on, and try to not take it too seriously. We are still looking for a site (which means our actual date is still up in the air), BUT I did find my dress!

I didn't expect to even start looking until after school! There was a big event, Battle of the Brides, at a Sheraton in Dallas; and even though I didn't find anything there, Terry Costa was only 1.5 miles away! The first dress I picked up was the perfect dress. Caitlin Hines was there to help me, and I am very grateful!

We also signed up for our first registry! Walking around with that little scanner feels so powerful! We tried to keep it to practical things, but we added a couple of things we like that we don't expect anyone to buy. :) It was just a fun event.

The interesting part will be when we go to Target to register for more decorative things. We don't know what our house will look like, so it's a little hard to plan the look at the moment.

We are still finalizing details on wedding party numbers and participants, but that will work out in due time. There is apparently a lot to do, but no freak outs yet. Hopefully, it stays that way.