Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What I've learned in the past 2 months:

1. Disneyland really is the happiest place on Earth... and I am in love with it.

2. Blogging can be a drag, when it becomes a chore.

3. It can feel like Christmas no matter where you are, as long as you don't try to force it.

4. It is better to write a FB response/blog post/email and then delete than it is to actually send it.
(i've not-sent more than a few things in the past couple of months)

5. Apologizing is always worth it (but you have to mean it).

6. It's not about where you are (location/timeline/emotional state) at this moment, it's about how unwilling to change you are. Inflexibility can be your biggest stepping stone, and complacency is always the enemy.

7. Reading is more fun than watching TV (this is more of a reminder that I received from getting a Kindle for my birthday)