Friday, September 30, 2011

Favorite Friday: Blind Pilot & Revolver

Jayson and I love music. a lot.

and for much of our relationship we have loved one band in particular, Blind Pilot.

I have been lucky enough to see them more than a few times (try 7 or 8), and tonight we are driving to Santa Barbara to see them again!

The live performances never let me down, and I am super excited about tonight's show because it will be the first time we've seen them since their new CD came out!

So tonight, good music... tomorrow... more good music!

Tomorrow we get to see another band we love, Revolver!

They are a French band that describe themselves as "ChamberPop," and after two years of loving them we finally saw them play last South By Southwest! Excited to see them tomorrow night in LA!

to give you a little view of how amazing both bands are, here are a couple of youtube videos (i hope the sound is good. my current work computer doesn't have speakers)

Blind Pilot: 3 Rounds & a Sound

Revolver: Get Around Town

Happy Music Listening!


Friday, September 23, 2011

Favorite Friday: Fall at the Farmer's Market

The first day of fall is here! it's a beautiful 62 degrees outside (at 7:30 in the morning); and tells me we're looking forward to 10 days of that great weather where it's chilly one day and a high of 90 the next.

i LOVE this time of year, and it's even more exciting being here in LA for it!

To add to our Fall fun, The Original Farmer's Market in LA has a series called Tuesday's Best.

From their website:

Tuesday's Best - September 27, October 4 & 11!

Join us Tuesday evenings through October 11 from 5-9pm for an open house including cooking demonstrations, food sampling, great shopping and dining specials, live entertainment and more. Each week offers a new crop of demos, tastes and activities, so check back for an updated weekly schedule of activities. Plus, you get to park for free from 5-9pm (w/ purchase) while you enjoy the best of the Market.

Click here for our Sept. 27 cooking demos, samples & specials.
Click here to watch a preview of our September 27 festivities.

Jayson and I went this past Tuesday, and it was fantastic! There were enough free tastings (only 4 or 5), that we were able to go to the great restaurant Little Spain and just eat a couple of tapas before we were stuffed! (by the way please go to Little Spain! really, really amazing food!)

AND the Farmer's Market already has pumpkins ready to come home with you! We wanted to go ahead and buy one (a little early, i know!); but completely forgot, as we were in a delicious food stupor.

It's also just lovely out there at night. :) After the Farmer's Market, it's just a pleasant treat to be able to walk along the twinkly light-lined streets of The Grove. You have to make sure to bring a jacket of course, and then it really feels like Fall!

If this isn't enough to draw you to The Farmer's Market for Fall, they also have this coming up:

Fall Festival 2011
Saturday & Sunday, October 15 & 16

In honor of the Fall harvest, the Farmers Market features a two day festival with live music, a kid-friendly petting zoo, Agventure Land activities, arts & crafts, world-famous pie-eating contests, and much more!

You're welcome! If you're in LA: have fun! If you're not in LA: i guess there's another reason to visit.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Hamilton Happenings: Can You Believe It!?

Let me tell you how much I needed a break from weekly blogging. okay, are you ready?.... A LOT.
Yes, it's a little silly that sitting down and writing a few lines is tiring; but for the last few weeks, Jayse and I have been so busy that there have been many days in a row where I DON'T OPEN MY COMPUTER!


But here is the important thing: i'm back.

To give you a litte run down of our weeks:

**We went on the "haunted" tour at the Queen Mary.
  • No real ghosts.
  • No great history lesson.
  • Real lesson learned: the ship is fantastic & interesting, go on the really corny ghost tour because it's hilarious, but don't do the "Haunted Passport" (OH! We did learn the the Queen Mary is 1 and a half times the size of the Titanic! That ship was so tiny compared to our luxury cruise lines of today!)
  • Pictures seen here:

creepy (haunted) onboard pool. this is wear the fancy people showed off those hot, full-body bathing suits.

The Observation Bar

The Music Room

There was a party near the end of our visit. You can't really tell here, but we were surrounded by men & women wearing pink feather boas.


Kicking ghost butt!

sorry you don't look this cool.

**We drove to Texas...and back... in just a few days
  • We left on Sunday at 3:30 p.m. when I got off work
  • We returned Friday at 5:30 a.m.... For me to go to work at 9.
  • Jayson did the math: Our trip lasted 109 hrs, We were in Fort Worth 65 hrs 24 mins, and we were in the car 43 hrs 36 mins. How 'bout them apples?
  • These pictures were taken:

Adler's cross-country set up

How Adler spent the last 30 minutes of our drive to Texas. I guess she was ready for it to be done with (btw she has NEVER been in the front seat before, but she just climbed up there like it was her job)

amazed out how awkward and creepy this photo turned out

group photo

Jayson and his parents

**We went to see Our Idiot Brother, and loved it!

**We played Mafia!

**We went to the beach!

And other than that:


Lots and lots of work. Jayson working at his amazing job at Cassidy and me at Calamigos (where i'm now full time)! It's been a little weird because we have opposite schedules, but it's been working out. We have the evenings off together! Also, to spend more time together, when one person is getting ready for work, the other wakes up even if he/she doesn't have to. It gives us an extra hour or so. All of it just makes us feel more LA because it seems like everyone here has a crazy schedule!

Life has been good, and I am extremely thankful. God has made it more than obvious that joy comes from Him. He has given us both extreme amounts of patience over the last few months, and we have never once gone through a moment where we were at odds with each other or upset at our move. In fact, with these experiences we've had over the last 5 months, God has taught us even more how thankful we are for our marriage and for this adventure He's sent us on!

thanks for being patient with my non-blogging weeks!