Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pumpkin fever, alive and well....

It's official; by request, i made more of these:

Pumpkin Cookies with Brown Butter Icing!

Well that's Martha's version of them. Here's mine:

not as pretty, but extremely tasty!
(Elise helped make this batch; probably why these are so good)

Now, don't get your hopes up; I have made them for Curtis (previously mentioned)

We had the pleasure of having these guys stay with us last night:


and the even better news is we get to have them stay with us again tomorrow! Nice, nice, nice, and talented! (Please feel free to enjoy their music and even buy some!)

Other official news:

We're married... for real.
Now all the other paper work! Social security offiice, be on the look out for my mail!

Weekend line up:
Friday: Weinland at The Moon
Saturday: The Cut Off at The Moon

It's a Moon weekend.

Now, just have to make it through Friday day....

With my freeze ray I will stop the world,

Monday, November 2, 2009

Life Excitement!

Wedding is over. Life has begun.
As we are learning, it takes a while to get into your married groove. Work has been super busy, we are still unpacking the house, have lots of errands to run, I've been getting sick, and we have our first house guests Friday!
It's all fun though. I'd say by January 1, 2010 we should be in somewhat of a normal schedule. Meanwhile, here are all of the things I'm happy about this week.

I stopped watching General Hospital 10 years ago because Jonathan Jackson left the role of Lucky Spencer. 14/15 year old me was absolutely crushed. Good news: HE'S BACK! (On top of that James Franco will be guest starring on GH starting at the end of the month- in preparation for a film role he's taken. Set your DVR's!)

As many of you know, I LOVE Gilmore Girls. Therefore, I have the ability to see a tiny glimpse of a dog in a tv commercial and be able to shout out "THAT'S PAUL ANKA!"
That's right; everyone's favorite neurotic pup is now on (at least for one episode) Monk. I just saw a commercial and found a picture online, so i don't know the full story; but here are pictures of Paul Anka on GG and Monk.

notice the little blonde spot on his right ear. same dog.

I'm also excited because Inera from Firefly is going to be on the new show V; but since I don't know if that show will be any good, I can't be too excited yet.

Last and final bit...
CURTIS IS BACK!!! My wonderful friend Curtis (who has been gone for my entire relationship with Jayson) is back in Fort Worth! I'm so excited; i'm going to make him pumpkin cookies and read Sherlock Holmes!!

yes, i took this headshot, two years ago.

You both kicked off your shoes. Man I dig those rhythm and bluesssss,

P.S. made a bit o progress on those thank you cards... i tell you what...