Sunday, September 6, 2009

The search is on...

The new job is going great! It's extremely busy, but it fits/i fit perfectly. Praise to God for that! He knew exactly where I needed to be.
I have been focused so much on organizing everything at the new job, I have not had time to really get things done for the wedding. I think they are getting done and proceeding at a good pace though. According to we have only 34 days til the wedding... til this is all finally over. If you know me, you know handling the planning of this wedding has been one of my least favorite things in life. So both Jayson and I will be singing songs of praise come October 11th.

We are in the middle of searching for two very important things right now: a home to rent and a new church home. Both are vital to our married life together.

We have come to a few pit falls in the housing search; so please pray that God will open up doors and place us in the house/community we need to be in.

In the search for a new church home, we have found many churches with great sermons and great pastors! The problem is finding a community with whom we can meet. So far the places we have found have hours and schedules that don't work with ours. Seeing that Jayson has the worst schedule in the world, and my schedule is 11 am- 7:30 pm every weekday, it's hard to find a church that has a small group/Bible study we can attend. There are still a few more places to look into; so please pray that God will lead us to our new church family, and that even the searching process will be a growing process. Also, pray (for one of the sillier obstacles) that we will feel accepted; since as ... Democrats (yes, i said it)... we often feel pushed aside and put down by our fellow believers.

Thanks to all for providing us with great support during this BIG transition in our lives!